Gather round for the most egg-citing, feather-ruffling, and downright quackers puzzle game of the century – Ditto Fancade! Get ready to embark on a brain-bending adventure that’ll have you clucking with excitement. And don’t chicken out!

Two chicken, two buttons, one deadline

So, here is the deal. You’ve got two adorable chicks, and they are here to waddle, hop, and maybe even flap their wings to reach the buttons at the same time. It’s like a synchronized dance, but with feathers and a lot more “cheep” enthusiasm. Now, let’s talk about those puzzles. There are 15 of them, handcrafted like a gourmet meal for your brain. Can you solve them all? It’s like a mental obstacle course designed by a modern-day Einstein with a penchant for poultry.

Each puzzle is a mini-epic, a tiny saga of feathered heroism. You’ll be scratching your head, pecking at your screen, and maybe even flapping your arms in excitement as you guide these chicks through a maze of mind-boggling challenges. You’ll have to strategize, plan your moves, and make sure those little chicks hit those buttons in perfect harmony. And the best part? Ditto doesn’t take itself too seriously. It’s all about having a clucking good time, enjoying the adorable antics of your feathered friends, and reveling in the satisfaction of cracking each puzzle wide open. So, don your thinking cap and let “Ditto” take you under its wing! Good cluck!

Ditto Fancade

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