Ready for another Fancade adventure that will leave you wondering how on earth they came up with this? Then meet Odd Bot! This game puts you in control of a charming, yellow, one-eyed robot. And you’re sure to fall in love with his right from the start!

This bot needs your help!

Forget the usual robot stereotypes – this little fella is all charm and charisma. And what’s your part in this? It’s simple yet wonderfully weird – guide this delightful bot to a spinning golden cube on each screen. Easy, right? Well, not so fast, because the path to victory is paved with puzzles and quirky scenarios that’ll leave you baffled and definitely also amused. To conquer this robotic odyssey, you’ll need the agility of a trapeze artist, the brains of a rocket scientist, and the imagination of a mad inventor. You’ll be zipping around the stage, navigating through a maze of levels, and manipulating blocks like a digital wizard.

But here’s the real kicker: you’ve got to use your sharp intellect to emerge victorious. It’s like a mind-bending puzzle extravaganza that’ll have you brainstorming solutions faster than a room full of geniuses trying to get out of an escape room. And the fun doesn’t stop there! Odd Bot Fancade encourages you to enhance your gameplay by interacting with objects, twisting and turning the camera to gain the perfect perspective, and concocting practical solutions to the craziest challenges you’ll encounter. See for yourself and have a great time in this odd bot company!

Odd Bot Fancade

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