Hey, virtual truckers and open-road breaknecks! We’re about to embark on a roaring adventure in Monster Tracks! It’s all about monster trucks, thrilling driving, and a touch of insanity. Are you in? Then fasten your seal belt and tune to your favorite radio station, we’re departing!

Trucking has never been crazier!

So, you’re in control of a monstrous monster truck, and your mission is to conquer the craziest tracks you’ve ever seen. But there’s a twist – you can only jump in one direction. It’s like trying to moonwalk on a unicycle – tricky, but oh-so-fun!

You’ve got to be careful with the power you apply before taking those epic jumps. Apply too much, and your monster truck might decide it wants to do a backflip off the ramp! You’ve got to channel your inner truck whisperer to maintain that slight backward tilt, especially at the start.

As you navigate the tracks, you’ll notice that your monster truck has a tendency to arch backward, just like a reclining daredevil. Most obstacles will push you forward, so you’ve got to master the art of monster truck control to stay on course. In later stages, slow and steady is often the way to go, but some obstacles, especially those pesky ramps, require you to hit the gas pedal like a speed demon. It’s like a game of balancing act between caution and crazy speed! So, grab your virtual steering wheel and let Monster Tracks take you on a wild ride!

Monster Tracks

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